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Items in the lower half include photographs, postcards, and memorabilia from Tiedtke's, La Salle, and Lamson Brothers. Other items include receipts from La Salle and Lamson, a sales record book and photograph of Lion Dry Goods Company, and postcards and bottles of the Huebner Breweries in Toledo. The bottles were made by Owens-Illinois.

Tiedtke & Todd

ca. 1893

This photograph depicts the first Tiedtke store opens on the corner Summit and Monroe Streets in 1893.


ca. 1910

This photograph depicts the Tiedtke's Department store, which opened on the corner of Summit and Adams Streets in 1910.

Tiedtke's Tea & Coffee

ca. 1950s

Tiedtke’s Parkwood Coffee bag, ca. 1950s.  On loan from a private collector.
Tiedtke’s was known not only for its fashion, but also for its food, especially its coffee.  The Parkwood brand of coffee was named for the street in the Old West End where Charles Tiedtke lived.

"A Century of Service"


A Century of Service: The Bostwick-Braun Company, Toledo, Ohio, 1955.  Ward M. Canaday Center Local History Vertical Files.
Bostwick-Braun was founded in 1855 as the W. & C. B. Roff Company, supplying both wholesale and retail hardware to a growing Toledo.  In 1862, Oscar Bostwick joined the firm as a traveling salesman.  Carl F. Braun joined the firm in 1866.  Within two years, Bostwick and Braun had bought out the Roffs, and the firm changed its name.  The company rapidly expanded, and in 1907, bought an entire block downtown for a new warehouse. 

Lion Dry Goods Co.

1897- 1905.

Photograph and Daily Sales Summaries, The Lion Dry Goods Company, 1897- 1905.  The Lion Dry Goods Company Financial Records, MSS-056.
          The photograph depicts the interior of Lion Dry Goods store and the records document monthly and annual sales by the company between 1897 and 1905.

La Salle and Koch

ca. 1920s

Photographs, Toledo’s downtown department stores, ca. 1920s.  Ward M. Canaday Center Local History Vertical Files.
These photographs and postcards depict the buildings that housed Toledo’s legendary downtown department stores such as La Sall and Kochs.

Huebner Breweries

n. d.

Huebner Postcards and Beer Brewing Recipe.  Alice Huebner Collection, MSS-133.This recipe gives the ingredients and process for brewing Huebner beer in the early 20th century in Toledo.