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An exhibit focusing on Gypsies, Romanies, and Travelers was displayed in the Carlson Library to inform the University fo Toledo community about Gypsy culture and related knowledge available in the library collections at the university, other libraries, and the Internet.


Gypsies, Roma, Travellers: An Animated History This video is part of the Open Society Voices serie, and presents the history of Gypsies, Roma and Travellers in Europe, which began over 1,000 years ago. The animation tells a story of diversity, creativity, and survival.


The Americas

American Rom Gypsy Message Board
About the Roma: Romani Americans Then and Now A blog by Julie Cantrell with an overview of different Romani-American groups.
Netzwerken Romani/Gypsy Studies A Website of the Forum Tsiganologische Forschung and its affiliate study group Projektseminar Tsiganologie. The aim of the institution is to serve as a platform for communication among scholars and fister ethnologically oriented discussions, conferences, and workshops on Romani/Gypsy cultures.
Gypsies of the Americas: Links to sites about Roma living in the Americas.
Gypsy Lore Society (founded 1888). Excellent entry-level resource promoting the highest standards for scholarly research in Gypsy (Romani) and Traveler studies
The Gypsy Chronicles The Gypsy Chronicles - A comprehensive site on Roma history, culture, authors and artists, photography, and music.
Fact and fiction about Irish Travellers in the USA are found on Richard J. Waters's home page. Numerous links to narratives and literature reveal a glimpse of the Tinkers, in olden days called, "The Walking People."
National Geographic Magazine: Gypsies. Excellent photographic images from around the world. Provocative discussion forum.
Notes from the Field Notes from the Field - This site focuses on Romani gravestones in a Los Angeles cemetery, motivated by observations of religious dance societies in Northern Chile in 1986 with roots in The Croatian Diaspora.
National Romani Anti-Discrimination Organization An organization of educators, activists, sympathizers, and supporters to: monitor anti-Roma disrimination in public and the media; to provide accurate information; to raise awareness of issues facing Roma; expose sources of inaccurate information; and to support projects and initiatives supporting Romani people and their supporters.
Breaking down stereotypes of Roma in Moldova Breaking down stereotypes of Roma in Moldova - The site discusses the film ”Ca Toţi Oamenii” (“Just Like Everyone”), which is to dispell stereotypes of Roma in Moldova and close the gap between US and THEM.
The Romani Archives and Documentation Center at the University of Texas ( Austin ). Compiled in support of Romani studies at the university.
"Romani (Gypsy) Culture on the Internet" compiled by Professor Steve Balkin, Roosevelt University, Chicago, Illinois.
Welcome to the Youtube channel for the Inaugural Romani Studies Conference at UC Berkeley! Romani Studies Conference videos and newsfeeds - University of California Berkeley 2011
Romnchel DNA project:
Visitors to our Carlson DX site often want to know the extent to which GR&T identities and origins can be determined by DNA testing. We recommend this site as informative. The image is merely a reminder that challenging ethical and moral implications accompany the continued scientific search for differences among humans and human groups.
"The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM) website here houses many articles and photographs. Featured here are three film clips.
Wikipedia: Romani People A Wikipedia page on Romani people

Eurasia, Africa, Pacifica

Another Irish Travellers site
. Toledo Romnichel Gypsy family history Broadway Family - England/USA - A Family history of the Broadway family that settled in America. They were horsetraders with links to other English Romany families. This page presents a genealogy as well as burial infomration in Toledo, Ohio, including Woodlawn Cemetery.
Dom Research Center - Focus on Middle East and North Africa Gypsy studies.
Europeana (The European Digital Library): Romani Culture Featured in Digital Exhibition. The exhibits will feature A Roma Journey with historical documentation of Europe's Roma communities and links to Romani cultural objects such as carpets, furniture, and costumes.
European Roma Rights Center (ERRC). Sophisticated educational site dedicated to training Romani activists.
Factsheets on Roma Fact sheets on Roma: Information on Indian roots of the Roma where they are also known as Arlije, Calé, Gurbet, Kaale, Kalderaš, Lovara, Manuš, Sepečides, Sinti, Ursari, etc. Arlije, Calé, Gurbet, Kaale, Kalderaš, Lovara, Manuš, Sepečides, Sinti, Ursari, etc., and the Indo-Aryan connections of the Romani language. The Website offers valuable information for educators, students, experts, and government agencies working closely with Roma.
Famous Gypsies Website Famous Gypsies: Website dedicated to famous artists, athletes, authors, journalists, politicians, scientists, war heroes, and others. The site is organized by countries (Mostly Europe).
George Borrow Society Page. Borrow is much-admired for his inspirational writings about Gypsies and Travelers.
University of Liverpool,Gypsy Lore Society Collections Gypsy Collections at the University of Liverpool . A gateway to vast collections of GR&S books and materials collected by Gypsy Lore Society scholars during the Society's early years.
` Details about the Irish Traveller Movement
Journey Folki

Convivial site: glad-handed nostalgia with arts and crafts orientation

New (February 28, 2006) Vatican "Guidelines for the Pastoral Care of Gypsies"
Pastoral Care of "Gypsy-Americans"
The Patrin Web Journal. Romani Culture and History. The most comprehensive and popular English-language website for online information about GR&T Peoples. Unfortunately it has not been updated since 2002.
A Roma Journey A Roma Journey - A highy interactive multimedia Web presentation of Romani culture in the Balkans, featuring text, photos, paintings,and recordings of traditional songs.
Romaninet Course Romaninet - "A course for adults and young people, suitable for being used by everybody, no matter the academic level." This multi-lingual site teaches about Romani culture and language to a broad audience, using games and exercises, skteches, animations, and dialogues.
Roma Routes Website Funded by the European Union, Roma Routes is a European Roma cultural heritage Website created in collaboration among organizations in Greece, Solvenia, Romania and the UK. It aims to foster an intercultural dialogue between Roma and non-Roma communities through transnational networks supported by activities.
RomBase - "Didactically edited information on Roma" aims at improving the educational situation of the Roma by giving them an opportunity to seriously deal with their own culture and history.
ROMLEX - Romani Language Web Resource
Romani Linguistics Page - Language Web Resource
Romaversitas provides financial, educational, and community support to Roma attending university throughout Hungary.
Social Cultural Foundation

A website that advocates for Rroma peoples and informs about their cultures and lifestyles

Specialized library with archive “Studii Romani” The specialized library with archive “Studii Romani” was project undertaken by the Ethnographic Institute at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in 2005. It contains books, periodical publications, video content, and various archive materials.
"Voice of Roma, from Kosovo"
Kosovar Roma Oral Histories "Who We Were, Who We Are: Kosovar Roma Oral History. The site offers an index to oral histories of Kosovar Roma.


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